In certain occasions it may be necessary, for example for difficult areas, not to include some areas or Post Codes for carriers shipments.

With ShippyPro you can decide to exclude them for specific carriers in just few steps!

Let's see how! 🔍

1. Add one or more Zones

If you'd like to exclude some areas from a specific zone, it's important to add these ones only after having included the zones concerned. For example, add the zone Italy first if you need to exclude some zones of Italy.

You can do that from Carriers > Connection > Edit Prices.

2. Add Zip Codes

In order to exclude some zones, add another zone that will be the one excluded, and then click on Edit. ✏️


And on Excluded Zone on the top left.

Then flag Click here if you want to custom this zone with postcodes so that you'll be able to include only specific postcodes in case you're not interested in excluding the entire nation selected.

To cover an entire area with the different Postal codes that begin with the same numbers, flag Starts with before including them.

💡Note: This option is not available for every carrier, carriers with automatic import of tariffs are not included.

Remember to always click on Add Zone on the bottom to successfully save your settings. 💾

You'd like to know if your carrier features Live Rating? You can check here!

Done! 🎉

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