For some reasons, you may like to edit Cash On Delivery value or change payment method for your orders. 

Here's how to do it before and after shipping your orders. ✨

How to edit COD value before shipping your orders 🔍

From Label Creator > To Ship, you can identify Cash on Delivery Shipments at a glance since they are marked in blue

  • If you'd like to change payment method or edit the COD value, click on the light blue button Create Shipment on the right side of the order:
  • Fill in all the recipient info and click on Next Step.
  • In order to edit ✏️ Cash on Delivery value, you can simply change it from the last section on the lower right:

If you'd like to delete 🗑 Cash On Delivery for this shipment, set COD value as 0 and choose another payment method: 

How to edit COD value after shipping your orders 📦

If you have already shipped your orders but you'd like to edit COD value, don't worry! You can still change it by re-elaborating the shipping labels!

  • From Label Creator > Shipping Labels, click on the blue pencil icon ✏️ on the right side of the page under the column Actions. 
  • From the window that pops up, find the section Shipment Info. You can change the COD value from the second section. 
  • Click then on the black button Save changes and re-elaborate the order.
  • Print the new shipping label.

💡Note: Please note that by re-elaborating the shipment, a new shipping label will be created. The previous shipping label will be automatically erased. Be sure you don't forget to print the new shipping label. 

Done! 🎈

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