ShippyPro lets you try Fast Growing and Professional functionalities for free! Let's see how to start your Free Trial in a few minutes! No credit card is required!

How does Free Trial work 🚀

Free Trial gives you the possibility to try all Professional and Fast Growing functionalities for free

Enjoy your 30 days Free Trial with a maximum of 250 orders and then decide to upgrade your plan or go back to your previous plan. 

💡Pro Tip: After your Free Trial, you can update your Fast Growing or Annual plan monthly or annually. Remember that if you choose an annual plan, you'll get 12% discount!

Which advanced functionalities will I get access to?

Here are all the functionalities you can unlock with Fast Growing and Professional plans:


How can I start my Free Trial?

You can start your Free Trial easily from your profile. Click on Admin > Plans and then on Choose this plan (either for Fast Growing or Professional).

From the window that pops up, you can decide to upgrade your plan immediately or test Fast Growing and Professional plans for free

Click then on No thanks, i just want to activate the free trial to start the free trial:

You will be able to test Fast Growing and Professional functionalities for 30 days with a maximum of 250 orders. 

Note: 💳 No credit card is required to start your Free Trial! 

At the end of your free trial, you will be asked to upgrade your plan to keep shipping your orders or you'll downgrade your plan to your previous plan.


1. What if I run out of orders in less than 30 days?

If you run out of orders during the free trial, you won't be able to ship anymore. But don't panic! A warning note will appear as soon as you log in with a direct link to Admin > Plans

Renewing your plan takes only a few minutes. You'll then be able to ship your orders in less than 2 minutes! Click here to know how to renew your plan 🔑

2. How many Free Trials can I activate?

You can test Fast Growing and Professional functionalities for free. Each free trial allows you to test each plan's functionalities for 30 days and for 250 orders. This means that you can only activate two free trials. Once activated, you can't disable or pause a free trial.

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Test our main tools: the first 250 shipments are completely free with the Free Trial and you always have 30 shipments with every Plan!

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