If you received an email from ShippyPro that tells you that your SMTP Server Connection is in error, don't worry! 

You can fix this issue in a few steps by checking your SMTP Credentials from Integrations > Plugins

Click on SMTP Server to open the configuration banner and check your SMTP Credentials

Be sure that the credentials are correctly inserted and click on Confirm.

💡Remember to set the server as default through the option on the bottom of the menu.

You'll find below a list of Hostname for the main Providers:

  • Outlook.com > smtp.live.com

  • Yahoo.com > smtp.mail.yahoo.com 

  • AOL.com > smtp.aol.com 

If yours is not one of these try take a look here.

As well as a list of the main Global Hosting Providers:

Done! 🎈

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