With ShippyPro, you can spare time creating shipments, merging or deleting one or more orders at one time.
Let's see how!

How to merge two orders. 🖇

Simply select the orders you'd like to merge and then click on Merge Orders.

🔑 Upgrade your plan to Professional to start merging orders!

Once subscribed to our Professional Plan, you'll be able to merge more orders simultaneously by clicking on this button:

If you'd like to undo the merging, you need to delete the order and then wait 10 minutes for the dashboard to refresh.


  • you can only merge orders from the same marketplace, so if the same customer has 2 orders coming from Amazon and Prestashop, you won't be able to merge them.

  • If an order has already been merged you can't do it again. In case it is still present in To Ship section, click on the X icon under the Actions column to import it again (orders won't be imported twice from Shopify or Ebay, this one however gives you the possibility to import it trough the Ebay Importer).


How to delete an order. 🗑

Delete one or more orders is extremely simple. Just select the orders you'd like to cancel by checking them at their left and then clicking on Delete more orders.


Done! 🎉

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