ShippyPro helps you keep records of your shipments data. 💡

That's why you can Download an Excel File after you've shipped your orders from Label Creator > Shipping Labels

Let's see how it works in details! ✨

How to Filter your Orders 

Before creating the Excel File, remember to filter your shipments. You will, in fact, include all the shipments that you view on the page Shipping Labels. 

Click here to learn how to filter by Date, Status, Carrier and Marketplace


🔎 Tip: If you'd like to select more than 50 orders in one time, consider displaying more orders on Shipping Labels page from the bar at the top of the page.

How to Create an Excel File 📁

Once you have decided which orders you'd like to include inside the Excel, select them all by clicking on the left top check box. 

Click then on the blue button Management > Create EXCEL to create the file:

From the window that pops up, you can delete the fields you don't want to include and order the columns.


How to save the Excel Template 

You can also decide to save the ordered columns as a template for other Excel Files by clicking on the blue 💾 icon:

Done! 🎉

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