Connect GLS Italy to ShippyPro requires just few steps.

Let's see how to do it. 🔍

Contact your GLS Italy Sales Manager ✉️

To connect GLS Italy you need to ask your GLS Sales Person the activation of your Webservice credentials. Contact your GLS Italy Sales Person via mail asking for it.

Add your Webservice Credentials 🔑

Once received email confirmation, you'll be able to connect GLS Italy from Carriers > Connection and add your Carrier's Rates.

Click on GLS Italy Logo to connect the carrier. Here's the pop up that will show up with the requested fields to complete.

Sede GLS

Here you need to add your GLS Reference Office that your Sales Person will have indicated in the email. Remember that the abbreviation is composed by a letter and a number (Eg: T1, E8) or two letters.

Codice Cliente GLS (numeric)

Add your Client Code. Note: this value is numeric.

Password Cliente GLS

Also the Password is a numeric value.

Codice Contratto GLS (numeric)

Contract Code is usually composed of four numbers.

Email Filiale per Prenotazione Ritiri

Add here the GLS Office Point from which you usually schedule pickups.

Username e Password sito per Prenotazione Ritiri e Sblocco Giacenza

Add username and password of the website mentioned.

Stampa informazioni aggiuntive sull'etichetta

Choose which additional information include on your label among the ones shown between:

Invia notifiche sms al destinatario
Invia notifiche email al destinatario
Invia indirizzo del ricevente nella richiesta PickUp

Segnala se l'indirizzo principale della spedizione supera 30 caratteri

Select your Service Type

Specify if the service you employ is National (Express) or International (Parcel Europe).

📌 Air Services and Groupage cannot be integrated via API.

If you use more than one GLS Italy, no problem! You can add a new connection for each service. ✨ 

In order to do it, you don't need to add your GLS Italy credentials again.

Click on GLS Italy icon once again to connect it. Once on the pop up, click on the research bar: Select from an already included carrier and choose the connection with the same credentials already used.

Then set some notification preferences for the recipient.

Fine Giornata

You can decide whether set manual or automatic Fine Giornata (End of the Day).

Tipo di lettera di vettura

Select the format you'd like your labels to be printed.

Invia spedizioni come consegna ritiro and Invia spedizioni con Colli PLUS.

Finally, decide whether to enable the options Invia spedizioni come consegna ritiro and Invia spedizioni con Colli PLUS.

Etichetta personalizzata 

Add a Customized Label to the connection in order to differentiate this GLS Italy connection from the others.

Can't you Schedule Pickups and/or Unblock Goods with GLS Italy? 🚚

From Carriers > Connection > Modifica, verify your access Password for, GLS needs it to be updated periodically.

How do I replicate recipient’s data on the label?

Contact us at [email protected] to replicate recipient’s data on the label, our team will be happy to help you! 

Done! 🎉

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