If you have just connected eBay to ShippyPro and the first imported orders show no product image, you've come to the right article! 🙌

You'll be able to solve this issue in a few steps with eBay Importer. 🔍

💡 With eBay Importer, you can force the import of those orders and see if there are orders that you still need to process. 

  • You'll only need to delete the orders wrongly imported by selecting all orders in bulk and clicking on the red button Delete more orders:

  • Click then on Admin > eBay Importer and select the eBay store you have just connected.

  • Select the day(s) during which orders hadn't been processed yet and click on Load. 

  • You'll then find the orders that weren't imported into ShippyPro. Click on Import on the right side of the page to import them in To Ship with product images! 

Done! 🎉


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