Have you connected Prestashop but, after 10 minutes, no order has been imported in To Ship page?

Follow these simple guidelines to solve this issue! πŸ”

πŸ“Œ Did you follow the step-by-step guide?

Please check again all the steps summarized here:


πŸ“Œ Have you selected which order statuses will be imported into ShippyPro?

For Prestashop and other marketplaces, you need to select the statuses for which you orders will be imported into ShippyPro.

  • As soon as Prestashop is correctly connected, click again on Connections > Marketplaces.Β 
  • Find then your Prestashop connection on the right side of the page and click on Edit:
  • Select then all the folders that contains unfulfilled orders by pressing on ctrl (Windows) or cmd (iOS) while clicking on the various statuses.Β 

Note: Please ShippyPro will only be able to process only paid and unfulfilled orders.Β 

πŸ’‘Tip: Select Update Prestashop orders' status using ShippyPro Track and Trace if you'd like your marketplace to be updated with shipment infos directly from carriers.

πŸ” Still having some trouble connecting Prestashop?

If you need a hand, we're here to help. πŸ‘‹ Β 

Click on the chat logo πŸ’¬on the bottom right of this page and tell us your issue or write an email to [email protected].Β 

Done! πŸŽ‰

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