Each ShippyPro pricing plan offers a variety of features. You can take a look at this guide to help you decide what plan works for you.

Let's see which features are included in Fast Growing Plan to help you understand the main differences from Professional. 🎉

What companies is Fast Growing Plan designed for? 🚀

Fast Growing is the perfect plan for companies that are growing fast and are looking for a software that simplifies their shipping process. 

With this plan, you'll get access to our main features to automate the shipping and tracking of your orders.

What are the main features included? 🔍

Fast Growing enriches our main features with:


Ship as many Orders as you want ✨

With Fast Growing plan, you can choose how many shipments you normally ship monthly and get a customized price for your need! 

Starting from 250 shipments per month, you'll get access to our main functions at a small price.

Start your 30 days free trial or Upgrade your plan to Fast Growing! If you choose an annual plan, you'll get 12% discount! 


Unlimited Carriers Integrations ✨

With Fast Growing Plan, you can finally connect as many Carriers Accounts as you want! You can also connect multiple accounts of the same carrier. 

Learn how to connect all your Carriers here.

Customizable Tracking Page ✨

With Fast Growing plan, you can easily customize the Tracking Page that is automatically sent to your customers by email. So you’ll keep your customers engaged! 

You can add your own banner, your customized newsletter subscription and link your social networks. 

Learn how to turn your Tracking Page into a powerful Sales Page here: 


Picking List Creation ✨

Picking Lists are really useful to prepare your shipments and fulfill your customers' orders quickly. Generally, a picking list shows order details, SKUs, recipient address, items description and price.

With Fast Growing, you can create your Picking List with a few clicks directly from the same platform where you ship your orders! Easy, isn't it?

Click here to learn more about how you can create and print your Picking List in less than two minutes!

Cash on Delivery Manager ✨

With Cash on Delivery Manager, you can keep track of all Cash on Delivery payments your Carriers owe you. 

ShippyPro will automatically import COD from all your Marketplaces in one dedicated section. So you'll avoid stressful tasks and save time by automating the management of Cash on Delivery Shipments.

You can then mark your COD shipments as collected and download a full detailled report. 

Click here to learn more about COD Manager!


Shipping and Tracking API ✨

Are you interested in integrating your system with 50+ Carriers worldwide to ship your packages? ShippyPro API is the perfect solution for you!

Learn how   APIs work here:


Show tariffs at the Checkout ✨

ShippyPro Live Checkout is the perfect tool to increase your E-commerce conversions!

It allows you to show Live Carriers Rates and our Drop Off Points map offers your customers much more flexibility.

With every Fast Growing or Professional Plan you also have 500 map loads for free!


Start your Free Trial or upgrade your plan to Fast Growing 🚀

Try all Fast Growing functionalities for free! Enjoy your 30 days Free Trial with a maximum of 250 orders and then decide to upgrade your plan or go back to Basic with 30 free shipments every month.

Or... Upgrade your plan to Fast Growing now! If you choose an annual plan, you'll get 12% discount! 

🔎 Do you still have some questions about our pricing?

💬 Open a chat with us by clicking on the chat logo on the right bottom of this page or write an email to [email protected] 

Done! 🎉 


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