Our Basic plan allows you to test ShippyPro's main features. You'll enable it as soon as you create a free account to ShippyPro. With this free plan, you have up to 30 shipments available each month. 

Let's see how it works and what you can do in details! 🎉

Which features can I test with Basic? 🔍

With Basic, you can test the main features you'll need to simplify your shipping process. 

  • Connect your Carriers and Marketplaces

  • Choose the best shipping rates 

  • Ship your orders in bulk

  • Print your Shipping Labels

  • Send customized Tracking Notifications to your customers

  • View some Tracking Analytics

Read this article to find out how ShippyPro's main features work in details:


📌 What if I exceed 30 shipments?

If you run out of orders, don't panic! 🙌

You can upgrade your plan to Fast Growing and be ready to ship again in less than two minutes with 250 free shipments! ✨

Learn how to do it here.

📌 How many Marketplaces can I connect to test ShippyPro? 

You can connect all the marketplaces available in Connections > Marketplaces to test the platform.

📌 How many Carriers can I connect to test ShippyPro? 

With your basic trial, you can only connect up to three Carriers to test the platform but keep in mind that the Connection page will only available and accessible up to two Carrier's connections.

As soon as you upgrade your plan, you'll be able to connect all your Carrier's accounts.

📌 Can I test ShippyPro API while on Basic?

ShippyPro's API can only be tested with a Fast Growing plan. Learn more here.

🔍 What's Next?

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