Don't you know how to find an order? Don't worry!
Here are some tips to help you find it! ✨

📌 Tip 1: Search it with Global Search 🔎

From Label Creator > Shipping Labels, click on the central button Global Search.
This button allows you to search order including also archived and cancelled orders. 

Search an order by number, reference, recipient or tracking! You'll find it even if you have archived it or cancelled an order by mistake.

Please remember that Global Search has no time limit! You'll search and find orders that have been shipped since you first started shipping with ShippyPro. ⏳

📌 Tip 2: Search it in the Archived Orders 

If you don't remember the order number, reference, recipient or tracking number you can still search it between the archived orders if you have archived it by mistake

⏳ Orders will be archived for a maximum of 120 days. After 120 days, it won't be possible to unarchive them. 

Learn how to do it here:  


📌 Tip 3: Has your order been shipped more than 120 days ago?

No problem then! 

If your order has been shipped more than 90 days ago, you can still find it with Global Search. Enter the order number, reference, recipient or tracking number! 

Remember that you won't be able to unarchive them.

Done! 🎉

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