Renewing your plan is simple and quick! 

Let's see how to do it! 🔍

1. How to choose your plan

In order to renew your plan, you should click on Admin > Plans

You can subscribe to your current plan or upgrade it by clicking on the blue button Choose this Plan in each plan:

Read this step by step article to know the main differences between our plans: 


From the new window, enter the average number of orders you ship monthly. To do it, just drag the little circle.

Choose then if you'd like a monthly subscription or an annual subscription.

💡Note: If you subscribe annually to every plan, you'll get a 12% Discount!

Here you have a brief recap of your subscription. 

On the left, you see the total amount you should pay monthly. On the right, instead, you can see how much you're going to save thanks to an annual subscription.

You'll then have a recap of the number of orders available monthly or annually.


2. How can I pay my subscription? 

You can pay both your monthly and annual plan with Credit Card or with PayPal.

 Now you're able to ship your orders again!

Done! 🎉

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