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Is it possible to test ShippyPro APIs for free?
Is it possible to test ShippyPro APIs for free?

Learn how to use our API Console

Updated over a week ago

Sure you can! 

By subscribing to ShippyPro you'll have up to 30 REAL shipping generated to be tested within 30 days.

You can test our API using API Console or an External Software that supports API calls. 

💡Read our API Documentation here.

How does API Console work? 💻

You can test our API Calls from Integrations & API > API. Click on the right top button Use the API Console.

You'll get access to ShippyPro API Console, where you can test all our API Calls:

💡Note #1: Remember that Shipping and Edit Calls will generate REAL shipping labels that will be counted as part of the shipments provided each month with your current Plan. We suggest you to use Generic Carrier to test these calls. 

Generic is not a real carrier but it allows you to test our main functions. Learn how to use it here: How to use a Generic Carrier.


💡Note #2: Remember also that Shipping Call will count as a shipment, by subscribing to ShippyPro you'll have 30 real shipments for free.

So what is actually counted as a proper API Call? 💾

In short, only Shipments generated through Ship call will be counted, and therefore only the ones correctly generated. Those which faced Error won't be included.

Get Rates call simply show Prices and Options for the shipment, for this reason it doesn't concern shipment count.

Moreover, orders with Error won't be counted as a proper shipment.

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Test our main tools: the first 30 shipments are completely free!

Do you have more questions about how ShippyPro works? Our Team is ready to help you! 🙌

Open a chat 💬 with us by clicking on the chat logo on the right bottom of this page.

Done! 🎉

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