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What if I run out of shipments?
What if I run out of shipments?

Here's how you can upgrade your plan if you run out of orders

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In case you run out of shipments, once subscribed to one of our Plans you won't have to manually renew it every time as ShippyPro will automatically do it for you by starting again your current plan! ✨

Eg: you purchased a Professional plan with 2000 shipments on December 1st, and on December 25th you run out of shipments. On that same day, your plan will be automatically renewed for another month and will reset the available shipments to 2000. The new plan will then expire on January 25th.

How can I change my preferences? 🔧

Everything you got to do is enter Admin > Plans.

There you'll find all the information concerning your Plan on the top right of the page.

📌 Please remember that paid by bank transfer or via Shopify need to be manually purchased when they expire.

In this case, we suggest you wait for the Plan to expire and purchase a new one.

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