Connecting Magento 1 to ShippyPro takes only a few minutes!

Follow these guidelines and start shipping your orders!

Let's begin! 🎉

1. How to do it step by step 

The connection between ShippyPro and Magento 1 will be in SOAP. This protocol will  handle the data exchange. 

1. First of all, log in to your Magento 1 Account. Click then on System > Web Services > SOAP/XML – RPC – Roles:


   2. Click on the button Add a New Role on the right:

  3. Click on Role Info and add your current Admin and Password inside Role Name:


 4. Click then on Role Resources and select custom in Resource Access. Flag then ALL the available boxes:


5. Go back to the first step and click on on System > Web Services > SOAP/XML – RPC – USERS:


  6. Click on Add New User on the right:


7. Set up your User Info like this:

  • Set ShippyPro as User Name, First Name, and Last Name. 
  • Enter then [email protected] as Email
  • Regarding Current Admin Password: please insert your admin password.
  • API Key and API Key confirmation: insert a password.

Your SOAP User will be ShippyPro
Your SOAP Password will be the one you set in API Key. 

Note: Please be sure that you remember your password correctly since you'll need to enter it inside your ShippyPro profile.

8. From USER select the role you want to link (Admin) and click Save User:

9. Go back to your ShippyPro account > Marketplaces and click on the Magento logo:

Fill then all the required fields. Insert the URL of your website with http or https ( and the SOAP Username and SOAP Password you just set in Magento.

Filter by Status: 💡

You can decide which orders you'd like to import on ShippyPro. Select all the status you'd like to include by pressing on ctrl (Windows) or cmd (iOS) while clicking on the various status, like this:

Filter by State: 💡

This type of states are automatically given to orders by Magento 1:

  • New: The order hasn't been shipped yet and doesn't have an invoice. 
  • Processing: The order has an invoice but hasn't been shipped yet.
  • Pending Payment: The order has been shipped and the invoice created. 

💡Note: Please note that if, for example, you'd like to import all new orders in Magento 1, you'll need to select New both in Filter by Status and Filter by State.

   Can't import orders with a Personalized Status? No problem! 🙌
🔑Upgrade your plan to Annual to add your Magento Personalized Status to ShippyPro.

Done! 🎉

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