The WooCommerce Get Shipping Cost Plugin by ShippyPro allows you to show real time shipping fees to your customers at cart check-out. Let them choose services such as time definite and Dropoff Locations.

Live Checkout will display the Carriers connected on ShippyPro: based on the name and the service connected there will be displayed Carriers prices accordingly.

Once installed, you can set it up following these quick steps 🔍

1. Create a ShippyPro account

Create a ShippyPro account at

Follow these quick steps to create your account and set your shipping preferences.

2. Connect your carrier account 

You need to connect your Carrier Accounts in order to show them on Woocommerce. 

You can do that by clicking on Carriers > Connection and selecting the Carrier to connect.

💡Note: to see tariffs they have to be added from Carriers > Connection > Edit Prices.

Some carriers, such as UPS, DHL Express and FedEx update your negotiated rates on our systems automatically

For other carriers that don’t, you will need to set up your negotiated rates by clicking on Edit Prices under the connected carrier logo:

 Want to know more about carriers rates set up? Click here!

3. Generate API Key

Generate an API Key by clicking Integrations & API > API Keys.

Click on Add key on the left:


4. Open Woocommerce Plugin

Once the key is generated, open Woocommerce and go to WooCommerce > Setting > Shipments > ShippyPro Live Shipping Rates. 

Then Copy and paste your API Key in the relative field and make sure the indicated options are enabled.

📌 Note: Country Code must be the abbreviation, for example for Italy is IT, not ITALY o ITALIA.

Once the connection have been established, all the connected Carriers will be imported on WooCommerce.

5. Configure WooCommerce Plugin 

As a first thing, contact us at [email protected] ✉️ to receive the plugin file.

You can then configure your WooCommerce Plugin by adding your information.

Would you like to know how to take advantage of the Drop Off point Map Advanced Setup? Then take a look at the guide below!

Done! 🎉

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