As for other marketplaces, connecting your Prestashop Account to ShippyPro is really simple.

Follow these quick steps to start shipping your orders in a few minutes!

- First of all, Prestashop

1. Login into Prestashop, then click on Advanced Parameter > Webservice.

2. Add then a new Webservice by clicking on the ✚ icon:


3. Click on Generate and type “ShippyPro” inside the Key description field. Tick all the columns by clicking on the first check for each one.

4. Copy the Key you receive and go back to ShippyPro.


- And now ShippyPro

5. Login into your ShippyPro Account and click on Connections > Marketplaces. Find the Prestashop logo and click on it.

6. Insert your Prestashop domain URL, which usually corresponds to the complete homepage URL of your site e.g., without /shop.html or similar and paste the Key:

7. If ShippyPro succeeds in establishing the connection, a confirmation message will appear. Then you should click on Edit and select the folders from where you would like to import orders.

8. Once the connection has been established you can than choose among the different Status (here called Folders) of the orders to be imported on ShippyPro, some examples are:

  • Payment accepted
  • Processing in Progress
  • Pending
  • Awaiting Payment

To select more folders you should use CTRL. ShippyPro will automatically import your orders every 10 minutes. 

By selecting “Update Prestashop orders’ status using the ShippyPro Track and Trace”, it will appear a list of Status also present in our Track&Trace section to be assigned to your Prestashop Status.

You'll now be able to map the different Status chose on ShippyPro directly on your Prestashop when you'll receive a tracking update.

📌Tip: Prestashop gives you the possibility to create Custom Status. If you want, you can easily set your tracking system directly on your marketplace.

ShippyPro only imports Processing orders from Prestashop.
Are you facing some issues with orders importation?


ShippyPro Live Checkout is the perfect tool to increase your E-commerce conversions!

It allows you to show Live Carriers Rates and our Drop Off Points map offers your customers much more flexibility.

With every Fast Growing or Professional Plan you also have 500 map loads for free!


 FAQs 💭


1. What if I don't receive the confirmation message? 

If you don’t receive the confirmation message, please check your URL and Key then try to do this way:

  • Go back on Prestashop > Advanced Parameters > Webservice> Configuration you will find “Enable CGI mode for PHP”.
  • Change your settings (if it’s on No change in Yes and vice versa) and save.
  • Then repeat the steps 4, 5 and 6.

If you still can’t proceed, contact our support team in Chat, explaining that you followed this guide but still can’t connect Prestashop.

Done! 🎉

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