It is possible to customize the mail in the section Email Templates, there are predefined template for the languages of German, English, Spanish French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Brazil; you can also edit per marketplace or carrier, selecting the below option.

Clicking on Set Logo it is possible to browse a logo, that must be an jpg ora an png file, the maximum dimension is 250 x 250 px.

It is possible to have a preview of the mail for the Desktop and for the Mobile Phone.

You can choose the status of the shipment and edit the blocks to create a personal template.

In Content you can show your logo, and use the placeholder that will be replaced automatically with the respective values for each order.

Then, it is possible to customize:
- the Subject of the Mail.

- The Name

- the title of the Email

- the Message

- Additional text

Clicking on Design you can choose with a tick if you want to show the order info, as the order number.

In the section Order Summary, it is possible to choose the Order Summary, Shipping Details and Shipping Address.

In Order Summary you can select to show:
- Order summary
- Items Pictures
- Items Price
- Order Total
- Shipping price

In Shipping Details, you can show your tracking number and the sent date.

In Shipping Address, it is possible to choose what to show the shipping address from and the shipping address to.

In the** Banner** section, you can choose to show:
- Banner Link
- Banner Text
- Banner Image Url

In the Footer section, you can choose what Social Media add, copy the link and click on Add Social Media. It is even possible to write a Footer Content.

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