From the page My Profile, you can modify these fields:

Change your personal data in the Sender Info page.

Modify your Invoice data, changing the logo, the invoice footer and the invoice number in the Invoice Info.

In the Preferences page it is possible to set different language, currency, dimensions and units of weight.

You can choose to see tariffs with VAT or not, to see images in To Ship page or Shipping Labels page and it is possible to choose the automatic check for the orders data from the platform.

Then, you can select the options about content description and order reference printed on the labels. If you select custom value, you should fill the box with a custom description.

There is the possibility to change the ordering of the orders in the Shipping labels page. Remember to click on the column Order ID to change the descending or ascending order.

From the archive order box, it is possible to choose how many orders you want to see; after the due days, the orders won’t be shown.

- It is possible to choose an avatar in the Profile Picture Page

- In the page Notification Settings, it is possible to choose when you should receive a notification.

- In the page Print Preferences, you can choose the general printing settings, how to print your labels and if PDF or ZPL file. In the PDF section, you can select more than an option to be printed after labels.
Remember that you should always choose to select the order and print multiple print labels.

- In the Page permissions, it is possible to set a password for every page, so only who has the password will access to the page.

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