Thanks to the new ShippyPro's platform, now subscribing to a Professional Plan will be available the section Invoice Analysis

With the section Invoice Analysis, the merchant has the possibility to see the extra costs that the carrier has charged to him, which they are and the total paid by the merchant and by the final customer.

As first step, it is necessary to upload the invoice clicking on Upload Invoice, the file should be CVS or Excel, where it will be shown the history of invoiced done in the profile.

At the top, on the left, there will be a chart, where it will be shown a general recap of the selected invoice.

Under the chart, it is possible to see a resume graphic of the total costs and in grey the additional costs of every single shipment.
Click on every column, you will be redirected at the details of the order corresponding to the graphic below.

The blue columns indicate the rates and the grey columns indicate the additional costs.

Then, it will be possible to see a chart with all the details of the invoiced shipments.


Total means the total that the merchant has paid for that specific shipment,

Tariff is what has been paid by the merchant without additional costs, as taxes, fuel.. indicated just after, under the section Fuel Surcharge, COD Surcharge, Extra Costs.

It will be possible to see the profit, in green:

It will be possible to see the leak, in red:

It is possible to see the estimated weight and the weight measured by the carrier, and the parcels' dimensions, but even the departure date and the delivery date of the shipment.
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