To import your orders from Excel, click on To Ship.
At the right corner, you'll find Import Excel/CSV/TXT > Download example file.

It's necessary to Download Example File and fill all the mandatory fields. Moreover, the columns that aren’t mandatory can be left empty.

Here's a quick look at all the required fields:

Name: Mandatory.

Company: Optional. You can add the eventual customer's company.

Street 1: Mandatory. Please add the main address.

Street 2: Optional. You can add a second address.

City: Mandatory.

State: Optional.

ZIP: Mandatory.

Country: Optional. If not filled, our platform will automatically add the country from which the ShippyPro user comes. You need to fill the field with the country code.

Phone: Mandatory.

Email: Optional. Add customer's email address if you'd like to send Tracking Email Notification.

Order Number : Mandatory. The order number is unique. Please enter a different number for each order.

Currency, Total, Items Count, Content Description are mandatory only in case of international shipments that include Customs documents. Currency must be filled with a three letter code (ex: USD, EUR).

Amount paid for the shipment, Cash on delivery, Parcels, Weight, Lenght, Width, Height e Note are optional. With regard to Cash on delivery, only the Cash in Delivery value must be added.

Is return: Optional. Type "true" only when the shipment is a return. Add "false" if there are some returns within the excel. Otherwise, you can leave this field empty.

Date: Optional. Complete this field only if you'd like to set a different date form the original one.

Shipping Service: Optional. Complete this field if you'd like to add a shipping rule you set on ShippyPro Carrier Rules or Filters.

As soon as you completed the Template with all the required data, click on Upload Excel, CSV, TXT > Choose.

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