In order to manage your Cash on Delivery Shipments, click on Label Creator > Cash on Delivery Manager section.

Here you have a general overview of how much you collected and how much you still haven't.

On the right side, you'll see the same recap filtered by the Carriers you connected:

You can Filter your shipments by Status, Carrier, Marketplace or simply see the collected and the not collected ones.

Remember to deselect the relative icons if you'd like to exclude it.
Es: If you click on X, you'll deselect it. In fact, you'll only see collected Cash on Delivery.

Click here if you'd like to filter your COD shipments by specific status of Carriers:

Scrolling down, you'll see a detailed recap of all the shipments you filtered.

From this section, you can mark your COD shipments as collected in two different ways:

Marking each shipment individually by clicking on the apposite tick on the right side.
Marking multiple shipments by ticking them and then clicking on Mark all as collected

In order to download an Excel Report of your Cash on Delivery, click on the relative icon:
The Excel file will also include the notes you can add on each shipment.

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