The comparison of rates between connected carriers occurs during the creation of the label from the page To Ship.
Once you have set tariffs for your carriers, ShippyPro will compare rates showing them in order of advantage for every shipment.
If a carrier shows rates at zero, probably the rates haven’t been set correctly.

Some carriers (DHL, UPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, TNT) send automatically the price list to ShippyPro after the connection. So, for those carriers, it is not necessary any other setting: the real rates, with relative fuel surcharge and other additional amounts, will be shown from the system.

For other carriers, it is necessary to import the own price list or write manually: it is an easy operation that, made once, will contribute to save time and money in the future. In the page My Couriers, just click on Edit prices, next to the carrier logo.

First of all, it is important to write the zones, adding the country, the zone’s name and save this information clicking on Add zone.

It is possible to set up manually the correspondence between zones and weight ranges to recreate the rate list. It will be sufficient to add the weight ranges, clicking on “add new weight” and associating with the zones, to recreate the origin of the negotiated rates.

If you do not have a specific Excel file, it is possible to click on Download Excel and recreate the origin of the rates manually.
If you do not want to write the rates manually, you can download the Excel.

Once you filled the excel with your rates, you can import the file by clicking on import excel.

ShippyPro will show these rates, so it is important to be sure that they are set correctly, preventing a mismatch between effective and negotiated rates.
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