With ShippyPro, it is possible to set predefined parcels, in order to save time for the manual insertion of weight and dimension for every package.

If you already have predefined dimensions for determined parcels, it will be possible to set dimensions and weight at the page Admin>My addresses and parcels>My parcels>Add a parcel

To set predefined dimensions, it will be necessary to click on Add a Parcel and insert the required information, then click on Save.

It is possible to choose if Assemblee the parcel, if for example the article has minor dimensions it is possible to assemblee it with an other with the same dimensions, it is also possible to divide more parcels, selecting Multiple parcel.

You can set the parcel as predefined clicking on Set As Default.

It will be possible to edit it, clicking on Edit.

And it will be possible to delete the parcel, clicking on Delete.

If you already have an order's list, with predefined weight and dimensions, it will be possibile to download the Excel file, clicking on Download Excel, copy and paste your own parcels and then click on Import Excel.

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