From the page Email Condition it is possible to send automatically tracking notifications fully customized.

ShippyPro will notify the recipient via email when there is an update on shipment status:

- Order Shipped An email will be sent as soon as the shipping label is created.
- Info Received An email will be sent as soon as the carrier confirms that the data about the shipment were received.
- In transit every time that the order is moved from a hub’s carrier to another.
- Out of delivery
- Exception
- Failed Attempt
- Delivered
- Leave Feedback

You enable or disable every status as you prefer and choose to receive a copy of the email sent to the customer in your profile email address.

You can also choose to disable tracking notifications for one Marketplace or Carrier by ticking over their logo.

On the bottom of the page you see Analytics of the total amount of Orders Shipped, Number of Emails sent and % Open Rate.

Clicking on Edit template, you will be redirected to Email Templates page.

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