Through ShippyPro Track and Trace, it is possible to send automatically tracking notifications fully customized.
The system will notify the customer when there is an update on his shipment status, chosen between the following:
- Order Shipped
- In transit (every time that the order is moved from a hub’s carrier to another)
- Out of delivery (when the package leaves the branch carrier to be delivered)
- Exception (when the package is held due to lack of data or documents.)
- Failed Attempt
- Delivered
- Leave Feedback

Clicking on the section Email Condition, it is possible to enable an automatic send for a status, ticking under Email on the chosen status and you can also choose to send a copy to yourself.

It is possible to choose when send the notification for the tracking and for which Marketplace and Carriers activate the sending of a notification.

You can also see the analytics of the total amount of the Orders Shipped, the Emails sent and the Open Rate.

Clicking on Edit template, you will be redirected to [Email Templates]

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