After setting up your Return Form, ShippyPro helps you manage your returns!

By clicking on Easy Return > Analytics you have an overview of the returns with some statistics (Total Sales, Total Returns Value, Return Incidence, the items returned more frequently, etc.)

Here you get access to useful insights to improve your customer experience. For example, discover the most common reasons for returns or the most returned items.

If you click on Easy Return > Return Shipments, you have a general overview of the last 60 Days, just like in Track & Trace Overview.

The delivered returns will be shown for 7 days. For older shipments, you can check the status from the Shipping Labels.

It is possible to see the returns filtered by Status, by Carriers and by Marketplace. Please note that if you click on the filter, you deselect it.

You can also filter your returns by the day of the creation of the label, clicking on Filter by departure date. Select from which day you want to begin, then Interval to the last day.

You can also filter by late shipments. It will show up only shipments not delivered yet.

It is possible to hide the order, clicking on the “**x**” or to add a note clicking on the post-it logo.

If you click on Download Excel, you can set a maximum of 360 days, filtered by status.

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