ShippyPro offers specific functions for the international shipments.

Through ShippyPro is possible to create customs documents, specify the Incoterms and attach the Paperless documentation.

Customs Documents
When you generate an international shipment that requires custom document, this document is created automatically by the system and it will be visible and printed with the label from the page Shipping Labels.

For some shipments it can be useful to specify the Incoterms. The Incoterms are the international terms for import and export. Those terms define the skills and the responsibilities of each subject involved into international transactions. The Incoterms field is never requested as mandatory, it will be as default DAP if not edited.

Paperless – Electronic Documentation
Through ShippyPro is possible to attach the Electronic Custom Document for FedEx (ETD) and UPS (Paperless). You can find in Label Creator> Invoice Manager and then click on “Upload ETD documents”.

It will be possible to select an order, which is in To Ship, and attach documents. The carrier will receive all the data attached once the shipping label is created without printing any additional paper.
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