**How to create a manual shipment**

If you have connected at least one carrier, it will be possible to ship with ShippyPro from the section Label Creator. On the page To Ship, you can select the option Create Manual Shipment in the top right corner.

First you will see Sender Info already filled then click on Next Step to move on Recipient Info. Mandatory fields to enter are Name, Streetline, City, Post Code, Phone.

Click on Next step you move to Parcel details. You can edit dimensions clicking on Delete and on the green plus on the top left, then you can enter sizes and weight of the parcel, to confirm click on the black button ‘CLICK HERE TO ADD A PARCEL’ .

Accessories can be inserted below filling boxes about Insurance, Cash on Delivery and Incoterms.
At this stage you can edit Goods description, Items Value and enter Carrier Notes to be shown on the label.

According to this information, the system compares the prices of the connected carriers, showing from the lowest price to the highest. You can click on Choose next to the carrier and confirm with Send. The order will move to Shipping Labels page and in about a minute you will get the shipping label ready to be printed.

Updated on 21 February 2019

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