The Woocommerce Get Shipping Cost Plugin by ShippyPro allows you to show real time shipping fees to your customers at cart checkout. Let them choose services such as time definite and Dropoff Locations.

Once installed, you can set it up this way:

Create a ShippyPro account at

Connect your carrier account by clicking on Couriers and selecting the courier to be connected

Some couriers, such as UPS, DHL and FedEx, automatically update your negotiated rates on our systems. For carriers which don’t you will need to set up your negotiated rates by clicking on “Edit prices” under the connected carrier logo.

Generate an API key by clicking Admin>Manage API Keys>Add key

4. Once the key is generated, enter it into the Woocommerce Get Shipping Cost Plugin settings and the connection is established and working: all your carriers are imported onto Woocommerce

Configure the Woocommerce Get Shipping Cost Plugin adding your information.
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