1. Login to your Magento 2 account and click on System > Integrations 

168706a5-ae56-4fa3-a83e-0899fe065b3c### [![](https://www.shippypro.com/sites/all/themes/shippypro_theme/assets/images/guide/magento2.png)](https://www.shippypro.com/sites/all/themes/shippypro_theme/assets/images/guide/magento2.png)[](#)

2. Click on ‘Add New Integrations’ [![](https://storage.crisp.chat/users/helpdesk/website/b7159b84ffb61800/37f1cb0c-9d46-442a-80be-fffbc9_zl3vzb.png)](https://www.shippypro.com/sites/all/themes/shippypro_theme/assets/images/guide/magento3.png)

3. Enter ‘Name’ of the New Integration “ShippyPro”, leave other fields blank.

4. Click on API tab, select ‘All’ from the options and then click on ‘Save’ 

5. You will see ShippyPro in the Integrations and now you should click on ‘Activate’ to enable it.

6. Then click ‘Allow’ on the top right.

7. Magento will give you all the keys and tokens to connect your website on ShippyPro.

8. Login in your ShippyPro account > Marketplaces, click on Magento (v2.x) icon and paste keys and tokens.

If the connection will be established, you will receive a positive message and you will see Magento 2 in the list of Marketplaces connected.

If you don’t succeed in connecting Magento 2, please check to copy and paste keys and tokens in the right fields or contact our Support team.

Orders will be imported in the “[To Ship](https://www.shippypro.com/panel/to-ship.html)” page and you will be ready to start with ShippyPro!

Updated on 11 March 2019

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