It is possible to modify the details of a connected Marketplace, using the commands Edit and Delete, next to the logo, in the Marketplace page.

By clicking on the “edit” button, you can change the access data of the connected platform or set up the automatic update of the tracking for the orders shipped with ShippyPro.

It is important to remember that, to connect another marketplace of the same platform (for example, another Ebay store), it is not necessary to modify the first one, but it is possible to add a new store, clicking again on the icon of the chosen platform, on the left side of the Marketplace page.

If you DELETE your connected marketplace to ShippyPro, all the imported orders will be deleted from ShippyPro, so the tracking of the Track & Trace won’t be visible anymore, neither in the orders  To be Shipped in the Label Creator, and the waybills, already created for those orders, will be hidden.
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