Most the carriers ask for a shipping manifests or for a confirmation of shipments through the Close Work Day.
The manifest is a resume file that contains a detail of each pack that is releasing to the carrier.
The generation of this file doesn’t coincide to the Close Work day, procedure planned for some carriers (GLS and BRT as optional, obligatory for Royal Mail, Spring, Asendia) to transmit an additional confirmation of which shipments will be actually delivered to the carrier.

How to create a manifest
It is possible to create the manifest file after the generation of the labels, in the page Shipping Labels.
Clicking on Carriers, it is possible to select only the shipments with a specific carrier, select them all and click on Create Manifest.

So, the manifest will be generated and ready to be printed, with all the information about the addressee, the order’s reference, tracking number, weight and number of parcels.

This document can be printed immediately or later, from the page My Manifests.

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