Let's learn how to connect FedEx in a few steps! 🔍

How it works ⚙️

You can connect your FedEx account from Carriers > Connection. There you have a list with all our carriers' integrations.

  • You just need to click over FedEx logo:

You'll find all the required information to connect FedEx as soon as you click on the FedEx logo on Carriers > Connection.

To set up FedEx, you need to have a FedEx account. Click here to create one if you don't have it yet: https://www.fedex.com/en-us/create-account.html

You then need to agree to the FedEx EULA in order to proceed with the connection. Click then on Next.

Here you need to fill all the required fields. Enter your Account Number, your Account Information and some other options. 

Select the FedEx Service that you regularly use and the label type. Select then your favorite label type and choose if and when to be notified from ShippyPro.

Click on Confirm to add FedEx to your Carriers. 

Done! 🎉

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